My Top 5 Tom Dixon Lighting Designs

As a design blogger, I admire all the styles of Tom Dixon lighting designs. Since 2002, the brand has prevailed in the furniture arena. All of its designs reflect British heritage and ultra modern touch of London. They focus on contemporary designs with modern touch. Their masterpieces include pendant, mirror balls, copper shade, and table and floor lights.

Here are my top 5 designs:

Linear pendant system

Linear pendant systemIt is made of steel and plastic. To bring in precision steel is cut using laser beams. The plastic used in the lighting is filled with vacuum to give proper lighting. It has a height of 155 cm and width of 24 cm. It can accommodate 14 pendants at a time.

These lights offer wide range of optical solutions. These lights fit to places precisely without addressing adjustability problems. You can find the standard design from the store as per the design of your home.

I have personally used this light. I can slide it to fit to my adjustability. I customize the lighting scheme of this light by adjusting as per my will. You can fix the light without involving interruption in between.

Since the lighting system is linear, there is no problem in adjusting the elevation of the lighting scheme. It has an adjustment knob that allows you to adjust the height of the light.

This lighting scheme can be one of the best energy saving option you could ever have. It uses fewer bulbs and fewer materials.

When your interior demands aristocracy, I would recommend this for you.


Base brass floor light

brass-floor-lightThis is the signature lighting scheme from the brand. The brand is best known for its metal works. You will witness the world class metal work in this scheme. Brass is an addition to the robust metal work in the lighting scheme.

The lighting scheme has basically two parts such as the base and the shade. The base of the scheme is made of cast iron and the shade of the lighting scheme is made of copper.

The lighting can be used in places that demand soft hues warm light. You can use this light in your bedroom and in your living room.

It comes with an array of versions. Some version of this light fit to the table. It means you can use the light in your table lamp. The other form of the light can be used in your walls. You can use it on your floor and hang from your ceiling.

This light best suits to your interior. You can avail the base of the light as per your requirements. The copper shade remains same for all lighting schemes.

For all types of reflective and shiny interior, base brass floor light is what I recommend the most.


Mirror ball

mirror-ball-tom-dixonThis lighting scheme is a derivative of the disco balls. The light has the looks of the space helmets. The globe has been made with polycarbonate. The ball renders an extravagant look with the gold coating in the interior of the globe. The ball is filled with vacuum to turn in to a gold mirrored surface. From this concept the name of the lighting scheme has been derived.

The light has been made 46 cm in height. It has a width of 44 cm. It weights 2.7 kilograms.

Party is a common in homes. I use this light when I organise party in my home. My friends enjoy dancing under this light. The light doesn’t fall on face. The shine that it creates is enough to distinguish each other.

You don’t need to do a degree in lighting engineering to switch on the light. You just need to plug and switch on the light to set the mood on for a party. This light fits to all types of rooms ranging from large to medium sized.

I would recommend this lighting scheme for your home, if you organise party at your home occasionally.


Beat floor brass

beat-floor-tomThis lighting scheme belongs to the beat family lights from the brand. The scheme is derived from the water vessels used in India. The shade of the light is handmade. To adjust the beam from the light you can use your hand. From the first gaze, you would fall in love with the light. The base of the scheme is made of cast iron and the shade of the light is made of copper. This light best suits to your interior.

This light is available in an array of colours. Brushed brass and black are some of the colours of this lighting scheme. The style of the light can be very well compared with the pendant lighting scheme from the brand. It has a dimmer switch on it to light it.

The height of the light is 168 cm. The width of the light is 59 cm. It weighs 12 kg. This light is best to keep on the floor.

Beat stout brass and beat table brass are the other members of the beat family which can be used for the same purpose as this.

If you are looking for an iconic table lamp or floor light to enhance the beauty of your interior, this is the best lighting scheme I would recommend to you.


Cell wall light

tom-dixon-cell-wall lightThe lighting scheme imitates the cellular growth. This is a new addition to the already existing collection of the brand. The light glitters you floor, walls and ceiling at the same time. Each cell of the light has been made from brass. You can avail this scheme having both large and small pendants.

You are no more going to get bored with same lighting scheme at your home. You can change the configuration of light to various geometrical positions at your own will. The light gives a soft shady glow. This is why it can be used in your bathroom.

It is 20 cm in height and 14 cm in depth. The weight of the light is only 0.5 kilogram. You can shift the light to any position when you wish to as it is lightweight in nature.

This is the lighting scheme that I would recommend for you, when you get tired with all the lighting schemes at your home.

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The Creative Class #2 – Tom Dixon from The Creative Class on Vimeo.

My Top 3 Foscarini Lights

Foscarini as a brand is highly technical workshop that is behind cutting-edge suggestions and also design, the brand is not wholly dedicated to develop and manufacture of Eco-friendly one-of-a-kind lamps. The only one-of-a-kind point regarding these special lights is that they radiance; they look beautiful as well as finely oriented.

Here are some couple of lights by Foscarini that will imbue you and also raise your emotions, they are made by various artists and available in many lighting stores Perth;

1) Troag Suspension Lamp:

Troag Suspension Lamp is designed by Luca Nichetto then produced by the Foscarini in 2010, these are a kind of distinctly made put on hold lights. They are lighter as well as distinctly resembling canoe-shaped large plates, the style of this lighting tools’s took after the shape of bowls that are found in Sweden. They obtained from the traditional bowls that are canoe-shaped found in Sweden; they are commonly utilized to light both residences and also workplaces.


Troag Suspension Lamps are created from Environment-friendly material of carved timber, the wood is layered in numerous as well as eccentric rings making it one-of-a-kind and picturesque. The edges of the timber are grained and carefully milled to develop a smooth finishing, the design of the lamps focused in making it to shed light from over to review its target area specifically a table or similar surfaces.
The illumination tools is made with an Opaline display that hides all technical specs behind the florescent, it likewise allows the light changes to various degrees. There are three sizes and also designs of the lamp, these are picolla, Media, and Grande sizes.


2. Twiggy Floor Lamp:

The lamp is made to stand right on the floor with an one-of-a-kind manner; the light manage is slim as well as lengthy with a versatile attribute. The lamp could be readjusted to various elevations owing to its weights systems, the very same could take place to its length making use of expansions allocations that comes with the lamp.

It’s created and also used a material that has a fiberglass base, Twiggy Flooring Light can be found in four choices of shades; black, red, white, and yellow. You could choose from these various shades baseding on your preference, it is protected by the bottom diffuser from specific sights. You can select from any one of the two coatings; either a LED energy reliable or incandescence lamp.

Big Bang Light fixture:

Light fixture can be found in distinct piled and also eccentric design of platelets spirally set up, the lamp was made in 2005 by the complying with developers just before Foscarini refined it to the present appearance. The distinct plane of rails offers the Large bang its personality as well as enthusiasm; it has a luminescent body combined with representations of light and shadow developing a smooth reflection. The lamp has an excellent impact in aesthetic and bushy in feel as well as appearance.

It’s specifically made to bring a customized impact to any kind of area; it can be used on its own and offers clear crystal light that is vivid and also pointed. Its panels are indicated to mirror and bring a translucent impact; its diffusers are made of one-of-a-kind methacrylate product that is readily available in two colors of red or white.

Foscarini operates in an unique way by including seasoned and also excellent developers, every of its products specifically lights are just wonderful given that they are a selection. The brand is one of the most classic and also only identified by the finest architectural and also distinct designs, most of the lights are pricey as well as important. They are applied in well design houses and also workplaces around the globe; they collaborate with developers and also architectures to make the ideal lamps for the traditional residences.

Foscarini as a brand is highly technological workshop that is behind ingenious concepts and layout, the brand name is not wholly devoted to make and also make of Green distinct lights. The lamp kind was designed by Mac Sadler in 2006, it’s layout is likewise unique since it comes in a thin, always and also sophisticated make. The lamp is made to stand right on the flooring with a special manner; the light take care of is slim and lengthy with a flexible quality. The light can be readjusted to various elevations being obligated to repay to its weights systems, the same can take place to its length utilizing expansions allocations that comes with the pendant light. Light fixture comes in one-of-a-kind piled and eccentric design of platelets spirally prepared, the light was created in 2005 by the adhering to developers just before Foscarini improved it to the existing look.

Architecture and Interior designing hand in hand

Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban

Like the earth and sea, architecture and interior designing have a horizon where they apparently meet. These were one before and held high positions in the society, though, their prices have not changed. History and relation – Architecture and interior designing : Architecture involves mathematics of high grades. Interior designing is basic colouring and adding art. An architect provides space and dimensions for a designer to work on. Interior designing is more art than architecture, which is a little bit more than mere engineering. Architecture gave birth to interior designing.

Previously, there was nothing called interior designing. Which was then adding art to the mathematically drawn structures, has now become a separate profession. Back then a monument or a marvellous building was constructed and designed together. Now the work of either an architect or the interior designer has become easy. Architecture :Architecture is the precise planning and construction of a structure. This involves measurements and drafting lines. Lot of mathematics which even I cannot handle. De architectura says that the work of an architect is to define durability, utility and beauty of a structure, which means, a monument built by an architect should be sturdy and flawless, must serve the purpose of it’s construction and show stir up the minds of the onlookers.


One precise artwork by architect Louis Kahn is Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban. Crystal Cathedral by Philip Johnson. Another masterpiece is the Fallingwater House. These required utmost skill, without which they would have been just other normal buildings. Interior designing :I find interior designing more appealing. It draws me. It does not require knowledge as magnificent as the other. Yet, you must put your creativity to test. Provoke it to a high level to create a marvel. As much as it takes to write this, interior designing many more times. It is an art. But unlike the rest, it has limited resources. You can buy how much ever ink or write how much ever lyrics you desire. But the space provided cannot be expanded. Instead, you have to expand your perspective, create ideas and plans. Within a provided space, you must assemble the other resources and design the space as to feast the eyes. They can convert an empty space to a fantasy world. Petra Blaisse, Phillipe Starcke, Barclay Butera are among the likes of many. But they are not the only.


How to aspire :To become an architect, you must obtain a 5-year bachelor’s degree from the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). Then there is an intern-ship followed by obtaining a license. The intern-ship is to gain experience by working under a licensed architect. It is not as easy as i have mentioned.. The calculations are very brainy and it packs quite some psychopathy to it. Interior designing follows an entirely varied course. You can obtain license by two ways. A 4-year bachelor’s degree followed by 3-year intern-ship. Or a 3-year associate’s degree. But each requires the other to do much more wonders. And this is how they go hand in hand. This is their horizon.

Smart Interior Designing Ideas

Living life in a modern cosmopolitan home is really a dream of the individuals these days. Most of the people try to design their home with respect to the modern interior designing concept. People are trying to give a new look to the age old furniture in their home and make their home look modern. Instead of going for complicated design ideas I feel that you need to go for the simple design ideas that can help you to shape your cozy home in to a modern home. The below written ways can really help you to make your lovely home look like a new one.

Modify the Casual Areas:

casual-livingI feel this is the foremost thing that you need to do while you are going for some change in the interior design of your home. Modify and rearrange your furniture, discard the old bulky furniture and look for new multipurpose ones that can help you to add some space to your home. I suggest to use modern stacking chairs, small tools that can be kept under the tables and other sorts of furniture that serve a lot of purpose to your home and thus add more space.

Look for Smart Storage Options:

This is another idea of mine that I feel can completely change the boring look of your home. Look for storage options that are hidden and do not like a clutter. You may go for options like hidden compartments and drawers that can make your home look more neat and organized. Trust me, this will add more sensibility to your home and it will look more beautiful. The very first rule of modern furniture is that looking for options of smart furniture that can change entire interior design of your home.

Change the Texture of Boring Corners

smart-storageYou need to change the texture of boring corners of your home. This will completely change the geometry of your home. You can soften the look of the boring corner by adding some organic matter or keeping an antique statue at that place. I think that in this way the texture less boring corners of your home won’t look dull and simple. Adding texture to the lifeless places in your home is really helpful to add some extra value to your home. Instead of going through the same old designs that are spread online you can choose any design that you feel will suit your home.

Add Mirrors to the Existing Décor

I have seen that adding reflective surfaces to the existing décor can really add a lot of value to the home. If you use tabletops that have reflective surfaces or a mirror that can feature attractive furniture nothing can be better than this. So make use of mirrors to the existing home décor and give a new look.

Add Bold Splashes of Color

I have seen that one can change the entire look of a room by adding some bold color to the room, Monochromatic scheme is a great way to change the entire interior design of your home. This will help you to get a complete new look. Opt for adventurous vibe in some places where colors can speak a lot. Add some extraordinary touch to your existing place bedroom colors that will make your life more vibrant.

bold-colouorsModern look means simple clean rooms with some furniture that can serve a lot of purpose and colors that speaks volumes about you. I suggest you to try out your new ideas and designs and make your home comfortable one rather than going for so called popular interior designs available.